Saturday, November 17, 2012

Such is Life

I thought i better record this so I can remember something from this first few months of three little girls.  Sorry, I haven't written in nine weeks.  Rose turns nine weeks old monday.  Things are going well, but the story below sums up our last eight weeks pretty nicely.... 

My obgyn (70 yrs old) and his Vietnamese wife who we haven't met were invited to dinner at 7:30. (We have spent the last two years with him so we thought we would continue the friendship)  So we start getting the girls ready for bed at 6:15 as usual.

I had pre-prepared most of the dishes and had just put mom's diet herb chicken in the oven. I sat down to feed rose and Dan was bathing both girls in the bathtub. Well, the timer goes off to turn the chicken over so Dan goes to do that while the girls stay in the tub. I can barely see them while nursing to make sure that no one is drowning.  

Suddenly, there is a loud tarf noise (that is our word for passing gas;) and Dan of course, laughs really loud from the kitchen because he thinks it's hilarious when the girls tarf. I look to see how the girls are doing in the bath and Annie is standing smiling at me. I then look past her and see June moving over away from Annie against the back of the tub. Dread sweeps over me- "June, what are you doing?"  "Oh mommy,Annie just pooped in the tub and I don't want to touch it. Look, there's a grape!"  WHAT?!?! Dan runs in to verify and yes, somehow udigested grapes and bacon are floating around in brown water.  

Dan yells for June to get out (she wades through 47 (slightly colored now) toys) and jumps out and then he grabs Annie. I know our doctor will be here in 30 minutes so AS I am nursing Rose, I go and stand at the stove to turn the chicken over with the other hand hoping that Harry (the guy who lives in our backhouse) doesn't walk in the back door (that is glass and see through!).
Dan is running, carrying screaming Annie (who hates getting out of the tub) upstairs to the other tub and naked June is standing at the top of the steps not letting him pass without a secret password she has now made up...

FINALLY, we get them dressed and throw them in bed and get all the rest of the food finished and on the table.  (with the 47 polluted toys all soaking in the tub downstairs) AND......... He doesn't show up.

Oh, ce la vie'.... ;)

And by the way, Happy Halloween.  Here are a few pics of us :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tiny Prints Christmas Cards

Ok, so I have succumbed!  I know I have like 5 followers, but apparently, if each of you five read this I get $120 of my Tiny Prints Christmas card order.  That is worth the advertisement on my tiny little blog :)  SO, I am showing you a few options I might use for our Christmas Cards this year.  We used Tiny Prints last year.  I know they are a little more expensive, but I think it is totally worth it.  Sayed even got one in Afghanistan!

This year, we will be combining the birth announcement of Rosie and our Christmas card together again, but I think on separate cards like we did last year.  I kindof want each girl to have a birth announcement to look back on.  I don't know- haven't really decided that one yet...

This year, we will be taking pictures with Sayed, all three girls, maybe Harry?, and depending on Dan's mood, the animals.  I will have a card in mind before we take the pic so that it will fit on there right.  That was difficult last year.  Peter, our next door neighbor, who calls Romney a socialist, happens to have hiked the AT like Dan and who also happens to be an engineer/photographer will be snapping the pics.  Perfect!  Hopefully you will have them before January this year, but who knows...

So, here are a few cards I like.  Happy Halloween and Thanksgiving until then ;)
And be sure to check out Tiny Prints' special offers page:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Welcome baby Rose

Rose Elizabeth Biase was born Monday, September 17th (on her due date!) at 1:16pm.  She came at the PERFECT time- 8 hours before they would have had to induce...  She weighed 7lbs and 4 oz.  (June weighed 6.11 and Annie- 7.13).  We brought her home from the hospital on wednesday and have been majorly adjusting to life with three girls!  She has started slowly trying to follow my schedule and is doing pretty good, except she always falls asleep eating and I have to keep waking her up to eat more...
This was by far my easiest labor.  I went into labor at 11pm, went to hospital at 3am, had the epidural at 4:30am (I JUST can't resist even though I talk on and on about not getting one before I get there- once there, it is first on my agenda!), and had her in my arms at 1pm.  Not bad considering it took June 40 hours of trying before the doctor had to go get her with a c-section and Annie 3 hours of pushing before the doctor had to get her with forceps.  Rose was a piece of cake comparatively!

June and Annie are adjusting pretty well.  My mom is here during the day and Daddy Dan is helping a ton.  So far, I think this has been an easier transition than from one to two.  We are just adding another to the mix.  We will see when all my help goes away...

Dan's birthday was two days after Rose came.  We now have Dan, Annie, and Rose in September!  He was still showered in love because what would we do without all the girls' favorite man in the house? ;)

So, that is about it.  Sayed is overwhelmed, I am sure, with all that is going on and with Dan and I going to sleep at 8pm to prepare for the night ahead.  But in a few weeks, once we have all had a little time to adjust, it will be back to conversations about his cross country schedule, the homecoming dance/game, and grandparents day (of which he is inviting mimi and papa!)

So thankful for every one of God's little blessings :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Where does summer go?

Goodness! Life has moved fast these last few months.  Sayed is in the middle of driver's ed and has started school.  He is running cross country and is all over the place.  Dan and I are shuttling him from place to place desperately looking for someone to carpool with to relieve some of the responsibility.  Nothing yet... 
That is going to need to change though when Baby #3 comes in the next 10 days- hopefully a little sooner because my superman doctor is going out of town on the 19th and I need to have already had her!  Ideally, she will be here sometime next week- NOT this weekend because Dan and my parents will be out of town and I really don't want Sayed taking me to the hospital.... ;)
Dan and Sayed are still dorking it up in their men's soccer league pretty much made up by many members of my family and a guy from Nigeria (picked up for his obvious athletic skills ;)

Annie is almost walking.  She walks some and when she realizes she is walking, she sits down.  So, any day now!  And June had her first day back to Mother's Day Out.  No crying or sadness or anything.  She likes it this year- yay!!
Clif's adorable fiance from Columbia, Mariana, just became a US citizen (on her own, not through marriage) and we are so happy for her!  They get married the beginning of June- can't wait!

So, probably next time I write, Rose will be here.  Can't wait to be a family of five!!! (or six if you count Sayed) (or seven if you count Harry) (or 14 if you count all the animals)  But who's counting?! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh the days...

Here is just a quick update of the recent happenings that have been going on.  Are you on instagram?  If not, you are totally missing out; if you are, then I am sorry for a repeat of all these pictures, but everything is moving fast now with only six weeks left until baby girl #3- AGH!  Can you imagine adding another to this story reading?
I have had major nesting fever lately and even set up her little portacrib in our room today.  PLEASE tell me that does not mean she is coming early.  Annie is almost walking (hooray!) and should be within the next few weeks.  I am working on transitioning her bottle to a sippy cup so that if the baby did happen to come early, we wouldn't be stuck feeding two babies a bottle at 7am.

BUT, I do feel that I have a much better grasp on the transition this baby will bring.  I did NOT with Annie and was in a shocked daze for oh, about four months, but I think this time around will be better.

 We have been out of town alot lately, hence the no posting.  Here are a few pics from fourth of July, time at the lake and just hanging out with Grandpa.
When we have been at home, I have been trying to focus on getting my work done and teaching June how to play by herself while I work.  She is learning fast and hopefully that will lead to Annie being able to play on her own or with June and not need me.  Although, I can already feel the guilt setting in that Annie will get 11 months of being the baby and then will be forced into the middle child role for a little while with not much attention... :(

In the meantime, we are almost done with our backhouse for Harry to move into and our garden house to store bikes and strollers,etc.  We had a foam company foam it, which was super exciting for Dan since he used to do foam, and we are on the way to a house with a tenant/grandfather!

Happy last month of summer :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

What kind of flower are you??

Our gardening obsession has led to me posting a flower quiz - I know, the nerve...  What type are you?  Fun to find out :)

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Thursday, June 28, 2012


So, blogging has obviously not been a priority of mine lately.  Just so much going on.  I think that is usually how summer is.  Its supposed to be this relaxing time, but you end up going on vacations (Dan calls them trips because they are not relaxing) and are just always on the go, that summer is a hurried blur....
Dan and Harry, our contractor/soon to be renter/built in pseudo-grandfather have been building a garden house (Harry said we can no longer call it a garden shed because the plans I came up with are too grandiose for a shed ;) to store our stuff (and to be used as a futureplay house for the girls) so that Harry can remodel our garage/backhouse and live in it.  Here are the first stages of the garden house.  Finished product hopefully to come soon:
Sayed came back to the US (hopefully for good) this week and Dan, Annie and I just got back from my company trip in Lexington, KY where we had our 5 years anniversary and got to stay with my mom's sister and family.
June and Annie are great as usual.  June flew to the lake with my parents while we were in Kentucky and Annie had some sleep deprivation on all our Southwest flights to and from Lexington.
Meanwhile, this is now what a typical morning looks like over coffee in the SuDan household.  Just add baby girl #3 and we will be full for the time being. :)
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