Saturday, November 17, 2012

Such is Life

I thought i better record this so I can remember something from this first few months of three little girls.  Sorry, I haven't written in nine weeks.  Rose turns nine weeks old monday.  Things are going well, but the story below sums up our last eight weeks pretty nicely.... 

My obgyn (70 yrs old) and his Vietnamese wife who we haven't met were invited to dinner at 7:30. (We have spent the last two years with him so we thought we would continue the friendship)  So we start getting the girls ready for bed at 6:15 as usual.

I had pre-prepared most of the dishes and had just put mom's diet herb chicken in the oven. I sat down to feed rose and Dan was bathing both girls in the bathtub. Well, the timer goes off to turn the chicken over so Dan goes to do that while the girls stay in the tub. I can barely see them while nursing to make sure that no one is drowning.  

Suddenly, there is a loud tarf noise (that is our word for passing gas;) and Dan of course, laughs really loud from the kitchen because he thinks it's hilarious when the girls tarf. I look to see how the girls are doing in the bath and Annie is standing smiling at me. I then look past her and see June moving over away from Annie against the back of the tub. Dread sweeps over me- "June, what are you doing?"  "Oh mommy,Annie just pooped in the tub and I don't want to touch it. Look, there's a grape!"  WHAT?!?! Dan runs in to verify and yes, somehow udigested grapes and bacon are floating around in brown water.  

Dan yells for June to get out (she wades through 47 (slightly colored now) toys) and jumps out and then he grabs Annie. I know our doctor will be here in 30 minutes so AS I am nursing Rose, I go and stand at the stove to turn the chicken over with the other hand hoping that Harry (the guy who lives in our backhouse) doesn't walk in the back door (that is glass and see through!).
Dan is running, carrying screaming Annie (who hates getting out of the tub) upstairs to the other tub and naked June is standing at the top of the steps not letting him pass without a secret password she has now made up...

FINALLY, we get them dressed and throw them in bed and get all the rest of the food finished and on the table.  (with the 47 polluted toys all soaking in the tub downstairs) AND......... He doesn't show up.

Oh, ce la vie'.... ;)

And by the way, Happy Halloween.  Here are a few pics of us :)

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